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Book NairobiClassyEscorts and massage experts.

We offer verified Nairobi hot escorts from all over Kenya to accompany you on a trip, act as a dance partner, drinking buddy, massage girl or just for a hook up.
What you find on our NairobiClassyEscort website is not the usual sex worker or sextrader on the street, club or restaurant. You can book classy working women and men who are only interested in giving you a lifetime experience right in your home.
Our escorts are clean and professional. Forget the badly made up with that distinct perfume (if you've been to Latema you know what I mean), NairobiClassyEscorts are nothing like that. Here you will find well dressed and well read escorts that will make for great company too!

Discrestion is key

Escorts in Nairobi have discreet apartments where they meet clients, and so you will enjoy uninterrupted sessions without any fear. If comfortable, you can get an escort to come to your home or an Air BNB. You are the boss.

How much do Nairobi Escorts and NairobiHot hotties charge?

This advice is for clients who are looking for good sex and massaege in Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika and other parts of Kenya. Most of the sex workers, hookers, call girls, escorts in NairobiRaha and online escorts charge for their time unless agreed otherwise.
The cheapest hookup session will last a few minutes, about 10 minutes. You can easily get this from a brothel or other nightlife districts such as Latema Road. However, this does not give you the time to bond and establish a connection with your dream escort. It is a mechanical interaction that may not even give you time to put on a condom to keep STIs at bay.
When you book an escort on our NairobiClassyEscort/NairobiRaha website, quality is guaranteed. Making early arrangements with an escort gives you time to chat and break the ice before meeting up for a session.
Whether you are going through a rough day, loneliness or just looking for a person to keep you warm at night, you will always get an escort who matches your needs on our website. We do not do pimping or run a brothel , and all escorts listed on this website work independently. Each escort sets their own price depending on time and services offered.
Once you spot a girl or rent boy you like, you can get their WhatsApp number to start a conversation. Agree on the day, time, services, price and venue before meeting up. Remember this escort is investing their time to please you, so if she asks for upfront payment you need to honor that.

All you need to know about prostitution in Nairobi

It is estimated that escorting in Nairobi has attracted over 200,000 sex workers. These are both men and women. Some of the names by which the sex workers go with include male escorts, female escorts, hookers, call girls and sex workers. These sex workers offer a wide range of services including kissing, hugging, girlfriend experience, short erotic massage session, hand job, blow job, anal sex and oral sex. Kissing will cost you though, dearly.
However, with the advancement in technology, a new breed of workers has joined the profession. Online escorts advertise their services and profiles on the internet. This can be on an escort directory such as NairobiClassyEscortsNairobiClassyEscorts or any other escort listing. They can also advertise on WhatsApp, social media including TinderTwitter or Telegram.

Why escort websites are the best place to pick up a Kenyan sex worker

Exotic Escort websites NairobiClassyEscorts are the best place to hire an escort. This is because you can be able to get more details about an escort before booking her or his services. For instance, once you open an escort profile on NairobiClassyEscorts, you will be able to see the escort photos, list of escort services offered, location, race, price, languages spoken, education level, height and weight, hair length, occupation and hobbies.
Location enables you to book an escort near you. While most online escorts prefer an early arrangement, you can just locate a call girl or rent boy near you and hire them straight away.
Get quick sex relief, relaxing massage & companionship from escorts in Nairobi.
We understand that some needs cannot just wait and maybe you have an urgent need for companionship, relaxing massage or sex that needs to be quenched urgently. This is why the escorts listed on our website have also displayed their mobile numbers. Just press the call button and you will be able to discuss your needs with your preferred escort.
Exotic NairobiHot, NairobiRaha and NairobiClassyEscorts are open to casual dating and FWB arrangements Many escorts do not like to display education level and occupation for security purposes, but you can always ask your preferred escort during the booking process. The ‘Message’ button on the website enables you to chat with an escort exclusively on the website and make arrangements for a date. If you are looking for a long term fwb arrangement, weekend date or girlfriend experience, this is the best way to establish a connection and also book early. It gives the escort time to plan well.

What you need to know about NairobiClassyEscorts and NairobiRaha escorts

One thing you need to understand is that the police fine the ladies for soliciting, and this is why most sex workers no longer want to solicit on the streets. Other issues facing Nairobi sex workers include sex tourism, human trafficking, and police brutality. TREAT ALL ESCORTS WITH RESPECT.
As a client, you need to know your limits when hiring an escort. Do not try her to do things she is not willing to do, and do not run away with her money because this can be brought up against you in a court of law, or she will embarass you. Nairobi escorts are very empowered and require to be treated with respect. Be upfront with what you want her to do and do not try to be sneaky. Here at NairobiClassyEscorts you will find an escort for any pervesion you might have.

Call independent escorts in Nairobi: No pimps, no brothels

Brothel-keeping and pimping is illegal in Kenya, and this is why you need to always book independent escorts on websites such as NairobiClassyEscorts and NairobiHot There is no pimp, no brothel, just two adults who work together to satisfy the needs of each other. We do not get involved with escorts beyond advertisement. Any agreement you have is between the two of you.

Always use protection, practise safe sex

According to study, 12% of clients of sex workers in Kenya have contracted HIV. This is a significant problem. As much as you would want to perform a quickie while out on the streets in the hopes that one ejaculation won't infect you, you also need to take the quickie's aftereffects into account.
While quickies are not awful, our point is that you should plan ahead of time so that you don't forget to pack a condom. Because you may always ask the escort to bring protection, hiring online is a good method to ensure that you stay protected.
Furthermore, some escorts meet you at their own premises and this makes it even easier to use protection because they always have sufficient supplies at home. As far as buying sex is concerned, a quickie lasts 10-20 minutes, while short time is 30 minutes long. All night lasts the entire night. These services are charged per hour, but if you are booking for full house, you will be charged for the services because this involves penetrative sex. You can also book an escort for several days or weeks especially if you are looking for girlfriend experience or companionship during travel. You can always buy her or him alcohol and gifts, but the payment agreed must always be in cash. You can pay anything from 1000 per hour for escort services depending on the agreement you have.
Finally, sexual activity with minors below the age of 18 is prohibited, and as such kissing, hugging and petting a child can carry a jail sentence. At NairobiClassyEscort, we do not allow minors to advertise escort services. All escorts must provide indetification prior to being listed on this directory.